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Winning features

What is equinITy?

  • equinITy is a leading-edge web-based horse welfare, training and yard management tool.

  • GPS, Stride and Heart Rate Monitoring technologies, integrated into a light weight girth sleeve.

  • Simple, fully automated, single button operation in a purpose built ruggedised enclosure.

  • Developed ‘in the yard’ in response to trainers’ desire to assess and monitor their horses welfare and fitness.

  • Gives an early indication of improving fitness and potential health deterioration.

  • Key measures such as distance, split times, strides per furlong, stride length, speed, location and altitude.

  • Continuous Heart Rate Monitoring gives you heart rate max, average and recovery time.

  • Real-time Streaming to any web enabled device.

  • Secure and confidential website is used to store the downloaded data.

  • Multi platform App for live viewing, with video or still capture, of the horses as they work and powerful Playback mode for post-work review.

  • Intelligent analysis of the data in graphical performance reports.