Vital statistics every step of the journey

Knowing your horse inside and out is never more vital than in the exacting sport of Endurance.  Constant heart rate, stride length and speed monitoring ensure that arrival at vet checks in optimal condition is assured and success in competition more likely. There is no better way to know your horse than by using equinITy.




Live in-ear data for optimal vet gate arrival

The equinITy App, used with a Bluetooth earpiece paired to the rider's mobile phone*, enables constant heart rate monitoring and instant recovery data to ensure perfect horse presentation at the vet gates. Stride length monitoring gives early indication of soundness deterioration advising on terrain choices for riders and speed monitoring enables accurate timekeeping.


* Bluetooth earpiece and Mobile Phone not included


Continuous Fitness Monitoring in Real-Time

Understand fitness progression by monitoring heart rate during training and watching fluctuating recovery rates through the equinITy App or web system, enabling real time monitoring and assessment of progress, allowing responsive and proactive decisions to be made.



Key indicators point towards health and soundness deterioration ensuring you are always informed about equine physical wellbeing.