Supreme fitness and welfare through science

During the various stages of a fitness programme through road work to cantering and school work and through to galloping, equinITy will help to inform through the accumulation of heart rate recovery data




Continuous Heart Rate Monitoring

Collecting continuous heart rate data during early strength and muscle building conditioning work enables analysis of recovery rates which helps to determine progression toward competition readiness.


Live in-ear rider feedback during exercises

The equinITy App, used with a Bluetooth earpiece paired to the rider's mobile phone*, enables the rider to safely listen to voice-annunciated heart rate data whislt remaining fully focused on the ride.  This ensures that the exercise is being tailored in real time to get the appropriate benefit according to the fitness schedule and ensuring that horses are appropriately cooled down after exercise, potentially preventing the horse from tying up.

* Bluetooth earpiece and Mobile Phone not included


Avoiding injury through stride analysis

Monitoring of stride length and frequency data confirms soundness and warns of lameness, potentially avoiding costly and untimely injury.  This avoids competing below peak condition and protects the welfare of the horse.