Contacting the Support Desk

You can contact equinITy Support using the following methods:

Live Chat support is available during normal office hours (e-mail support available outside of these times): 

  • Monday to Friday

  • 9am to 5pm (UK Time)

Telephone support is available during normal office hours to customers with our Premium Service Plan.  You should contact us for more details.

Once you have contacted equinITy Support, you may be instructed to use remote support, if so you will be directed to one of the following links

(note: please do not instigate a TeamViewer remote support request without first contacting us by email, telephone or webchat, as for security purposes we will not respond to unknown requests)

equinITy Support Desk
Equinity Technology Limited
Wellington House
Falcon Court
Preston Farm
TS18 3TS

* Excluding Public Holidays (more information here)
* Limited E-mail support is available outside of normal office hours


Frequently Asked Questions

This page contains answers to questions which potential customers as well as both new and experienced users have asked regularly. 


The equinITy Monitoring Device

This page introduces you to the equinITy Monitoring Device and explains how the device functions during typical operation.  It highlights the device features, the differences between recording and streaming, basic LED diagnostics and configuration of the streaming behaviour.


This page explains how the geo-fencing processes (mapped and unmapped) work to allow the system to automatically detect exercises and perform the post-exercise analysis and the differences between the two methods.


Getting Started (Protected)

If you are a new customer, firstly thank you for purchasing equinITy.  On this page you can find instructions on how to get up and running with your product.  
Note: This area is only accessible by existing customers.


Training Guides (Protected)

Detailed video and written guides to help you use all of the hardware and software features of equinITy
Note: This area is only accessible by existing customers.