This page contains a series of frequently asked questions to allow you to find help and answers to everyday questions, Both from new and experienced users:


How easy is the system to use?

equinITy was designed alongside trainers and tested on the ground in training yards to be as non-invasive and intuitive as possible.  The Monitoring Device fits into a pocket on a sleeve around your girth and its operation is completely automated.

How can I view the data?

With the latest version of equinITy you can view the data live from the gallops, the office or anywhere else you have access to the internet or from our mobile app.

Do I need a device for each horse in my yard?

No, the only constraint will be how many horses you can monitor at the same time.  The device can be freely moved around as many horses as you wish and the sleeve can be adjusted to fit most horses. If you are struggling with smaller horses, you can ask us to provide a modified sleeve.  

Can I see the data collected after the horse has worked?

Yes, once the horse's work is complete you remove the device from the girth sleeve and plug it into your PC for uploading. All the data is then displayed on the secure equinITy website for you to view and analyse.

Does the system work in different countries?

Yes, it will work in any country and has been used successfully in USA, UAE, Australia, Hong Kong, Japan and Europe. . As long as you have a PC with the eDM installed, you will be able to take your equinITy device with you around the world and be able to view the data from your home country.  Additional data charges may be incurred outside of the UK.  Contact Sales for further information.

Can the data be displayed in different metrics? 

Yes, speed can be displayed in mph, kph, m/s and distance can be displayed in furlongs or meters.

How many horses can I have on the system?

You can have as many as you wish, and once on the system you can then manage them as please.

Can more than one person access the live data?

Yes, the bill payer can give access to who ever they please via a unique and confidential log in and password.



How do I switch the device on and off?

The device features a single push button.  Press the button and release to switch on.  To switch off, press and hold the button until the Power/GPS LED turns red and immediately release.  Do not keep the button pressed after the LED turns red.

Do I need base stations or other local infrastructure?

No, our device works out of the box and no equipment needs to be installed at your training facility.  The performance of this service is dependant on mobile coverage and this is something we cannot control.

How does the live streaming work?

The Monitoring Device contains a GSM modem (essentially a mobile phone) and connects over the existing mobile phone network.  

Do I have to have a device to every girth sleeve?

No, you can have multiple girth sleeves to every GPS device. This means you can swap the GPS device quickly and efficiently if you want to collect data from multiple horses doing track work.


Connectivity & Coverage

My phone doesn't work well at times, what if mobile network coverage is poor where I am?

The Monitoring Device features an embedded, adaptive sim that can utilise any network. Black spots can be automatically negated by connecting to the strongest network signal available in the area of use.  In addition, the data requirement for the device has been engineered to be very small, allowing it to perform in areas with weaker coverage. In the worst case scenario, if no coverage is available, all data is recorded to the device’s flash memory for download and review.

Will the Live Streaming work if I do not have Mobile Data or Wifi on my mobile/ tablet?

No, you will need an internet connection for the equinITy App to work.

Will the product work indoors?

The GPS hardware performance may be affected if used indoors.  We recommend the product for outdoor use but we have tested inside arenas and found performance can be acceptable.



What is the cost?

You will pay £375 + VAT (where applicable) and Shipping (varies by destination) for our Standard Service Plan. Our Premium Service Plan is an additional £120 for new purchases. This cost is for one set of equipment (Monitoring Device, Girth Sleeve and Heart Rate Monitor), mobile data plan for live-streaming and access to the secure equinITy software (inclusive of all updates) for one year.  After one year, renewal options can be found here.

Why do I have to pay again after 12 months?

There is a reduced annual charge (chargeable every 12 months after the purchase date) to cover software maintenance and upgrades, access to the hosted system, customer support and mobile data charges (just like your mobile phone).

Will I run up a huge bill for data charges?

No.  Each device comes with an inclusive monthly data plan which should provide adequate data for most users.  In the unlikely event that you persistently breach your allowance, you may be charged additional fees but we would always contact you first to discuss the usage and look at alternatives.


Battery & Charging

How long will the battery last?

The battery has been designed to handle any days exercise.  You can expect upwards of 16 hours of typical use but naturally this will vary dependant on conditions.  

Is the battery rechargeable?

Yes.  When you connect the device to your PC (or a USB Hub) to download the data via the included USB cable, the battery will recharge and be ready for the next day so you should never be constrained by battery life.

Can I recharge the battery via the mains?

No.  The charging circuit on the device does not support any other means of charging other than a connection to a PC or Hub and doing so will invalidate your warranty.



Is it Apple Compatible?

The data via the equinITy website or App can be displayed on any web enabled device, however the equinITy client software for uploading and configuring devices (eDM) must be installed onto a Windows Operating System (Windows 7 or later recommended, contact support about older operating systems). 

Which platforms does the App support?

The app is currently available for iOS (5.1.1 or later) and Android (3.2 or later)



What warranty does the product have?

There is a one year warranty with the Monitoring Device and Heart Rate Monitor, which covers against failure mechanical failure.  The Monitoring Device, Heart Rate Monitor and the Girth Sleeve are not covered against wear and tear/abuse. The hardware is water resistant and can be cleaned with a damp cloth/sponge after each use. If the bung covering the USB port is damaged, you should contact the help desk to organise return of the unit for repair immediately as this will compromise the water resistance. Under no circumstances should any of the hardware be submerged. Customers who opt for the Premium Service Plan at the point of renewal also enjoy the benefit of an additional 12 months warranty on the equinITy Monitoring Device.

How rugged is the product?

The all-new Monitoring Device was purpose built to design the rigours of use in training horses (and the human element surrounding it).  It is both strong and water resistant so with minimal care and attention, you should have no issues.



Do you have a referral scheme?

Our referral scheme was retired effective February 1st 2018 following the introduction of a new pricing model.  Any existing credit could be spent during February 2018 and any customers with any earned credit were contacted. 

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