The equinITy App now brings LiveStreaming technology into the hands of Trainers and Owners


  • Live streaming gallop data from anywhere in the world, be it gallop-side or in the office, on any internet-enabled device

  • Capture videos or photographs with live performance data overlaid

  • Review previous exercises with Playback, allowing a comprehensive analysis, without leaving the app

  • Multi-platform App is available for Android and IOS free

  • Speed, heart rate, stride and split times are all delivered in real time via the App whilst your horse is working

  • Ability to monitor data from multiple horses in one session

  • Location of the horse is shown on a map to show you the exact point the horse is at on the track or gallops

  • Audible data delivery enabling trainers to listen to information whilst simultaneously concentrating on visual performance of the horse

  • Gives trainers instant scientific insight to compliment the rider’s feedback

  • Immediate overview of speed over each split enabling trainer to judge evenness of work

  • On the spot assessment of the heart rate recovery, indicating optimum well being and fitness levels

  • Capacity to transmit the voice enabled data to the riders via a Bluetooth enabled device to help with pace education or riding accurate split times

  • Opportunity for horse connections to view the horse's work out in real time, without being present at the gallops

  • Capacity to transmit the audible data to the riders via a Bluetooth enabled headset to assist with pace monitoring ensuring desired split times